One of India's leading jute shopping bag manufacturers is LMC Global Pvt. Ltd. Based in Kolkata, we guarantee that our goods adhere to the strictest quality requirements. Our reliable jute shopping bag supplier status is a result of our deep industry expertise and unwavering dedication to quality.

LMC Canvas & Jute Tote Bag

Our LMC Canvas & Jute totes blend the grace of canvas with the robustness of jute. They look great and are ideal for hauling bulky objects.

LMC Multipurpose Jute Shopping Bag with Front and Back JUCO

The front and rear panels of this adaptable LMC jute shopping bag are composed of JUCO, a combination of jute and cotton. Its stylish appearance and long-lasting quality make it perfect for regular shopping.

LMC Jute Shopping Bag with AZO Dye for the Handle and Body

For the body and handle of our LMC jute shopping bag, there is an AZO dye option that offers vivid colours without sacrificing safety. It's ideal for being environmentally conscious and creating a fashion statement.

LMC Zip-Locked Jute Shopping Bag

Your belongings are secured with the secure seal provided by our LMC jute shopping bag with a zip lock. For people who require additional security when shopping, it's perfect.

LMC Jute Shopping Tote Bags with Personalised Text/Logo

You can add your phrase or logo to our personalised LMC jute shopping tote bags making them ideal for branding and promotional purposes.

LMC Shopping Bags with Promotional Space

For marketing efforts, our LMC promotional jute shopping bags are ideal. They provide a useful and environmentally responsible means of brand promotion.

A reliable jute shopping bag exporter is LMC Global Pvt. Ltd. Being one of the top jute shopping bag manufacturers in India, we provide affordable costs and quick shipping. Place your order right now and enjoy our products.


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