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Jute Geotextile Fabric

Jute Soil Saver

Jute Soil Saver has been specified for decades to provide low cost protection to freshly cut or exposed slopes. Jute Soil Saver offers a high degree of soil retention, before biodegrading completely to add to the organic content of the soil after sufficient time has passed for natural vegetation to establish and protect the soil from future erosion.



  • Quality: 6.50/4.50- 45”
  • Porter : 6.5/10 cm
  • Width: 48”
  • Wrap Count: 190 lbs
  • Weft Count: 60 lbs
  • Weight: 1.22 lbs per yards.


Our Jute Soil Saver has the following primary uses;

  • To reinforce areas of weak subsoil and distribute the load over a wider area.
  • Provide the means to maintain the separation of subgrade from clean base aggregate.
  • To filter water passing through the ground without losing any excess of fine subsoil.
  • To improve the performance of drainage systems and in many instances reduce the need to use graded aggregates.
  •  Highway and railway embankments.
  • River, irrigation and drainage channel banks.
  • Exposed slopes in National Parks and conservation areas.
  • Slopes at risk of erosion in new developments (Housing schemes, windfarm etc.).
  • New or exposed slopes in amenity areas (Local Authority parks, Private golf courses, etc.).


Jute Geotextile fabrics are designed for use in many civil engineering projects including roadworks, drainage systems and erosion control. Typical applications for Jute Geotextile membrane includes reinforcement of paved areas, for example runways, driveways and recreational areas.


Road Stabilisation : Housing or industrial park developments, storage areas, forestry work areas agricultural areas, landfill sites. The use of Jute Geotextile fabric in the road building process can considerably increase its quality and lifespan.


Erosion control : River embankments, canals, beaches and harbour areas.


Drainage : The use of Jute Geotextile fabric can reduce the cost of land drains and road drainage systems.  Using Jute Geotextile fabrics as a filter, medium and large granular material can be used without fines in trench drains.  This could reduce the trench dimensions and eliminate the need for extra installations such as carrier pipes and manholes.


Type Jute Soil Saver
Model Number LMC-04
Brand Name LMC-Jute Geo Textile
Material 100% Jute
Use Erosion Control, soil retention
Length Abt. 400 yards
Color Natural
Feature Biodegradable
Pattern Weaving
Place Of Origin Kolkata, India.
Yarn Count Wrap Count: 190 lbs, Weft Count: 60 lbs
Supply Type Export Quality
Width 48 inch
Geotextile Type 100% natural Jute yarn
Color Natural

Additional Information

Product Code LMC-04
Min. Order Quantity 35000 Meter
Port Kolkata, India
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Delivery Time Within 20 Working days depend on quantity
Packaging Details 900 meters per bale. 1X40\'FCL=55 bales

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